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I can't believe it's been over a year since I last posted anything... The Scrapped Princess ones are probably almost that old.

♪35 Tales of Symphonia (Raine only)
♪37 Scrapped Princess (ep 4)


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Wow I actually finally finished episode 3 icons of Scrapped Princess.

♪15 Simoun (Floe only, ep 1-3)
♪16 Tales of
-7 Tales of Symphonia coloured manga (Raine only)
-1 Tales of Vesperia coloured manga (Rita)
-3 Tales of Kizna
-5 Tales of the World: Tactics Union
♪51 Scrapped Princess (mostly ep 3)


Redid some old Simoun ones. )
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Man, I had the new Photobucket on when I uploaded these so they got all out of order. I switched back to the old style just to be able to get the links easier, too.

♪6 x Tales of the World: Tactics Union
♪8 x Suikoden I (all Gremio)
-3 doujinshi icons, 5 manga
♪21 x Scrapped Princess (Ep 03)
♪80 x Simoun (Ep 05 except for one random Aer one I forgot to put in the last post)


One day I'll actually finish doing episode 3 of Sutepri... )
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♪Simoun x 35 (ep 01-06; mostly Aer)


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♪Simoun x 44 (ep 04-05)
♪Rinne no Lagrange x 52 (op)
♪Scrapped Princess x 38 (ep 03)
♪Tales of Vesperia x 40 (all Rita)
-5 magazine scans, 15 coloured manga icons, 25 gamecaps


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♪Simoun x 38 (ep 02-03)


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♪Tales of Vesperia x 41 (all Rita)
♪Scrapped Princess x 40 (Episode 2)


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♪Tales of Vesperia x 73 (all Rita; 2 including Karol)
-14 coloured manga icons, 59 gamecaps
♪Suikoden I x 12 (1 Hero I; all the rest Gremio)
-coloured manga icons: 2 x doujinshi (the Dawn of Morning by Okashila), 10 x Suikoden I manga


Gremio's Special Stew )
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♪Tales of Vesperia x 57 (all Rita or Ristelle)
-15 coloured manga icons, 1 RM3 cut-in, 41 game caps


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♪Simoun (Ep 01-03) x 162
♪Slayers NEXT (Lina and Gourry) x 80


Let's do a Ri Maajon. )
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About half of these are...really old. I promise they get better towards the bottom admklasml. ._.

♪ Scrapped Princess (Ep 01) x 60


Lots of old stuff. )